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March 22, 2014 – Sabbath Day

Blessings pour forth on the Sabbath! After an amazingly restful night at the homes of our billets, we made our way to the Kelona SDA Church. Here we were blessed to share the day with this amazing church family! As we left the building we were shocked to see it had started snowing! Loading the buss for a long ride through the mountains, we settled in for a long and chilly ride. The snowbanks at points were as high as the buss!

Coming down from the mountain pass we made it into Surrey at about 6:00PM where we unloaded and warmed and grabbed a bite to eat for our concert at 7:30PM. After the concert, many of the choir members dispersed to their homes or the homes of their friends. While the rest of us bed down for the night at the church we can still hear the strains of the music we just created echoing in the rafters. Bless the LORD for Music!
The photo is of our soloist for Baba Yetu and drummer Emmanuel Nsengiyaremye with Karen Gerber Ritchey posing for the camera.
IMAG0065 Lorenzo Rolle

Choir Tour – March 21, 2014

The day for the Canadian University College and Parkview Adventist Academy Choral Union, started bright an early. Collecting all members and loading the buss we left CUC at around 7:30AM, we headed south towards BC and through the Rocky Mountains! Three hours later as we arrived in Banff. Set in the backdrop of the rocky mountains, snow covered trees and herds of Caribou meandered about their business. The beauty and majesty of our Lords creation never ceases to amaze!
Continuing our journey through the mountains stopping briefly at the D Dutchmen Dairy Farm in Sicamous BC, we got to pet the cows and enjoy a wonderful assortment of ice creams! What a delicious treat! We were greeted at the Pleasant Valley Christian Academy in Vernon at 5:00PM where we enjoyed a wonderful delicious assortment of soup in preparation for our concert that evening! The acoustics in the church were beautiful, it was a absolute pleasure to sing our songs in such a wonderfully warm atmosphere. The Sabbath Day is upon us, our Friday of seeing, tasting and listening to the wonders of God’s creation has been an amazing success!IMAG0049 IMAG0058

2013/14 General Arts – Graduation Proofs

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